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Gallery/Testimonial : Graham and Tina Childs

Location : Camper Jam - Weston Park, Shropshire

After being let down just 3 days before our holiday, I searched the internet with little hope of finding another camper at such  short notice.  Fortune was with us as I came across BMVS  and spoke to Oli Hicklin. who informed me that he was in the final stages of purchasing a brand new VW T5 California. On hearing our plight, Oli bought forward the delivery date, fully equipped the vehicle and proved to us that miracles can happen.  We arrived early on the collection day to be welcomed with tea & coffee and was shown the hospitality,attentiveness and level of service that I thought no longer existed.  If it were not for Oli and his team we would not have had the most wonderful holiday that we so enjoyed. We had the time of our lives in the most amazing Camper that had every conceivable extra you could wish for, was a delight to drive and to spend time in.  The only downside to our time with HY11DEN is that at the end we had to hand it back. 

I can honestly say to anyone looking to hire a Camper or that decides to use any of BMVS's other services they will not regret it.  We are already planning our next holiday and will look no further than to our new friends at BMVS.

Once again a heartfelt thanks to Oli and the team for all you do

Kindest Regards

Graham & Tina Childs 

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