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Gallery/Testimonial : Dave Featherstone

Location : St Ives, Cornwall


Back home safely and time to write up our experiences.

Firstly, thanks for all the very helpful info Justin and yourself provided pre-rental.  It was that info that made up our mind that a campervan holiday with the 2 kids and my sons wheelchairs was possible.

As for the handover from Hayley, I was given all the necessary instruction to have the confidence to get set up easily once we arrived on site.  The van comes really well equipped.....many of the things that we had ready to pack ourselves were already Included, e.g. Scissors, washing brush etc.

Onsite, things were pretty straightforward, the driveaway awning went up easily, and with the sun canopy as well, gives a great overall living space.  A shame the weather didn't allow us to spend much time outside in the evening once the kids had gone to sleep. (thanks for throwing in the canopy and side bits)

Inside the van, all 4 of us found sleeping a comfy experience.  Breakfast was pretty much an indoors affair due to the rain, but with the seats turned round, it was absolutely fine.  We even did the washing up one days inside!

Having a hook up we never really got to test the leisure battery, but being able to charge up our phones and iPad was a camping first!  It is normally a case of using them frugally or driving around to charge them.

Parking was straightforward enough, even in St Ives, but that was due to our blue badge enabling us to park on double yellows, followed by a quick move every 3 hours, rather than our proficiency and parking sensors!

I suppose the only downside (other than the weather) was the pain of having to remove car seats and wheelchairs to get the bed ready, but a cosy nights sleep outweighs that.  As mentioned there are two sets of isofix on the rear bench....they're just a bit difficult to locate, unless you reline the back of the seat a bit.

I've attached some photos....overlooking Porthmeor beach and at Penderleath campsite.  Please feel free to add to your website.  If you need anything else, please let me know.  I'll put something on the forum too.

Here's hoping to being a repeat customer!

Dave (Elise, Joe and Zara) 

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